MyDx (My Diagnostic) is the world's first portable analyzer for everyone - a simple and affordable device that can detect the chemicals we cannot see.
MyDx (My Diagnostic) is the world's first portable analyzer for everyone - a simple and affordable device that can detect the chemicals we cannot see.

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Our Mission

What can I test?

Here is a list of the interchangeable sensors that are being developed to be compatible with the
MyDx MULTI-USE analyzer platform.

Test what you EAT for organic properties

Test what you DRINK for harmful chemical

Test what you INHALE for air quality

Find a STRAIN that works for you

How does MyDx work?

I can help you with that -
Hi, my name is Molecule, but you can call me Mollie.
I live inside the MyDx app, and I am here to help you navigate and use MyDx. I will act as your guide when using the MyDx system, making the experience easy and fun!

MyDx allows you to test samples of solids, liquids and gases in 3 SIMPLE STEPS.

    Connect the MyDx app on your iOS or Android enabled phone to the device.
    Place the sample in the test chamber on
    your MyDx device.
    Get the results you are looking for right through the MyDx app.

It is really that SIMPLE. You now have an in-depth analysis of your sample within a matter of seconds viewable through an iOS or Android app. The app tells you exactly what information means and why you should care.

Why should I care?

Good Question!

Our Organa and Aqua sensors will help you Trust and Verify the level of pesticides found in the food you eat and the water you drink. This is especially important when buying non-organic foods that are typically high in pesticides, referred to as the "Dirty Dozen."

The Dirty Dozen

These foods tend to have the highest levels of toxic organa-phosphate insecticides. Be sure to buy them organic if you can!

Our Aero sensor will measure the air quality index, an indicator developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and used by people worldwide to avoid unsafe air conditions by monitoring certain chemicals in the air.

Over the next 24 months, the MyDx team will be rolling out 4 different sensors, the first of which is the CannaDx sensor. Designed to test for safety and potency of cannabis, the CannaDx sensor is programmed to detect the presence of the most important compounds of interest in cannabis, including THC and CBD.

Please welcome our debut sensor and diagnostic application:

Early studies have shown that cannabis may be used to help suppress tumor cell growth, relieve pain, increase energy in cancer patients, reduce seizure episodes in epileptic patients, alleviate stress and anxiety for insomnia sufferers and much, much more. 20 states and several countries have now legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. Through legalization comes new regulations and interest in how different strains affect each individual, and this is where we come in.

When presented with a sample of cannabis, MyDx will deliver a strain analysis revealing the abundance of medically relevant cannabinoids such as THC & CBD, whose ratios have been shown to play a key role in how a specific strain makes people feel. The Canna Dx sensor is also being programmed to look for a class of compounds known as the “terpenoids” which give each strain of cannabis its unique smell, and in synergy with the other compounds found in cannabis, further contribute to the overall medical effect of the plant.

The MyDx App will combine science, engineering, pattern recognition and your feedback to start tracking how each chemical profile affects you. We comply with all application state and federal privacy laws to secure personal impressions and our goals to empower consumers to create a private, personalized profile that defines your ideal strain until our doctors are empowered with the tools to help us better define that profile.

Empowering An Industry

It is important to note that we chose to deliver our first sensor for MyDx to the cannabis world because it needs a friend in science and technology more than any other industry today. Our ultimate goal is to empower the industry manufacturers, distributors, consumers and regulators to understand exactly what is in each strain of cannabis from seed to sale, and how it has been shown to affect individuals to advance the science and the people.

  • Know precisely what you’re growing
  • Optimize plant growth conditions
  • Enjoy more profits from a better quality product

  • Know exactly what you’re buying and selling
  • Capture real-time quality control at the point of sale
  • Track buying/selling history and sources

  • Know what you’re putting into your body
  • Test the safety and potency (%THC, %CBD, etc.)
  • Find the best strain that works for you

  • Know what it is you’re tracking
  • Track production lots with “chemical fingerprint”
  • Test saliva THC content for DUI

MyDx leverages over 2 generations of technology developed by the jet propulsion laboratory (JPL) and used by Nasa. Acting as an electronic nose, MyDx is engineered to detect molecules in vapor. The sample that is placed in the MyDx device is analyzed by multiple sensors exposing the chemicals that are present.

For you technical folks out there... the first generation target for MyDx is to be able to quantify chemicals to within 20% of conventional gas chromatography (GC) instrument values. Our subsequent generation devices and sensors will target a marginal error rate of within 5% of GC values.

To learn more about the sensor technology underlying MyDx, or if you have a specific application you would like to explore with CDx, please email us at

MyDx Features

    Specifically designed for each target application

    iOS and Android app to operate and track MyDx samples

    Use MyDx wirelessly

    Optional with Smartphone. Location based sample tracking

    Measure temperatures of samples

    Detect mold and hidden stains on surfaces

    Measure humidity of samples

    Charge your electric devices

    Available in future versions

    Specifically designed for each target application

    Use MyDx wirelessly

    Measure temperatures of samples

    Measure humidity of samples

    iOS and Android app to operate and track MyDx samples

    Optional with Smartphone. Location based sample tracking

    Detect mold and hidden stains on surfaces

    Charge your electric devices

    Available in future versions

How can I help?

There are 3 ways you can help.

Share your vision of what future applications we should target (given enough time and money, we believe we can detect almost any chemical at a part per million level that can be found in solids, liquids or gases). Please let us know your ideas at

Join the CDx team in southern California. We are growing rapidly and looking for talent!
As we build this company from the ground up, we are looking for extremely talented people who pay attention to detail, trust and verify their work, actively think outside the box and who are looking to sink their teeth into a business they will treat as their own.
We are located in San Diego, California. If you are interested in joining our team, locally or remotely, please send your resume to Indicate the position you are best suited for and why. Please highlight your strengths, and also your weaknesses, because in the end, we have to find a position that works for you so we can all be successful.

If you are interested in joining our team or collaborating at any level, please email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Get MyDx?
We will start shipping the first MyDx analyzers in time for Christmas of 2014!

What is the difference between the $599 MyDx™ and the $699 MyDx™?
The $599 MyDx Analyzer will only work for the cannabis application. The $699 MyDx Analyzer allows for the use of interchangable sensors including canna, organa, aqua, aero and others in the future.

If you have any other questions, read our full FAQ and please feel free to email us at

Thank you.

We appreciate all your support and we hope you will join us on this exciting journey!


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